JJ-PFA/B-35W Disposable Skin Stapler


  • Simple and reasonable design, easy to operate, No special training needed
  • Both Vet and Medical Use
  • Sterilised With Ethylene Oxide
  • Minimal tissue reaction
  • Preloaded Staples
  • Long Expiry Date

JJ-PFA/B-35W Disposable Skin Stapler


What is Disposable Skin Stapler

A disposable skin stapler, also named surgical stapler, medical stapler, or medical staple gun, is a medical instrument that is used to apply metal staples to the edges of a wound or an incision, in order to hold them together and promote healing.


Divided into two categories based on the operation mode and shape, we have A and B types. The A type features a straight rod-shaped handle, exhibiting a simplistic overall design. On the other hand, the B type boasts a sleek surface with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, aligning perfectly with the principles of human engineering. It truly embodies the essence of humanized design.

JJ-PFA-35W Disposable Skin Stapler
JJ-PFB-35W Disposable Skin Stapler

Moreover, these types are equipped with varying numbers of staples: four, fifteen, twenty-five, thirty-five, and forty-five, each designed to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, the suture nails are categorized based on their width into two types: the general type represented by R, and the widened type represented by W.


Apply to the suture of the outer skin for traumas and operative incisions.


Streamlined handle design makes operation comfortable, easy and convenient;
The wound will heal after the suture, avoiding removing stitches;
The suture is smooth, accurate and safe;
The sutured wound presents nice and plain;
After healing, little and neat scar;
Greatly reduce the suture time and patients’pain;
Sterilized disposable, clean, safe and effective with a wide range of application.


Product ModelWidth*Height(mm) of the nail after formingNumber of titanium Nail ( pcs )

For example, skin stapler 35w, means 35 pcs of titanium nails.

Instructions For Use Disposable skin stapler

  1. Clean the trauma and surgical incision of the surface skin, when ready to suture, hand the skin suture, and keep suture nails perpendicular to the skin, so that the suture incision is in the middle position and pressure to the skin surface.
  2. Grip the activity of the handle until the suture nail will be skin suture (this process to a pressure in the end, can not stop halfway).
  3. Loosen the handle, with the suture point as the center, counterclockwise lift the suture end, with suture exit.
  4. repeat the above action, the follow-up of the suture, complete wound, and surgical incision of the skin of the surface of the suture.

Skin Staple Remover

When Skin Staple Removerđź”— is used, the tip of the lower mouth is gently inserted under the stitch needle, the handle of Skin Staple Remover is clasped and the stitch needle is tightened to bend the deformation. Staple remover is removed vertically from the skin surface when the pin of the dismantling device is complete.



  1. The stapler is a disposable product and can be used after opening the aseptic package. It is forbidden to use if the package is found damaged. When using the product, the sterile operation procedure shall be executed.
  2. Please check the indicator on the sterilization package box of the product; “red” indicates that the product is not sterilized with ethylene oxide, and cannot be used directly; “blue” indicates that the product has been sterilized with ethylene oxide, and can be directly used for clinical application;
  3. The stapler is disposable and cannot be sterilized again after use;
  4. Prior to use, please check whether the product is within the validity period; the sterilization validity period is three years, and it is forbidden to use if the product is beyond the validity period;
  5. The product cannot be used clinically if any damage is occurred or is suspected due to falling to the ground or improper handling. It is forbidden to use if the tip of the staple remover is bent or damaged.
  6. The W type skin stapler is applicable to the skin incision suturing of fat persons and sites with thick fat(such as the abdomen). The R type skin stapler is applicable to the skin incision suturing of sites with thin fats and children (such as head, arm, and leg);
  7. Before using the product, it is necessary to tightly suture each layer under the skin, stop the bleeding of the wound and eliminate the dead space to avoid wound infection;
  8. After the staples of the stapler are pressed into place, naturally loosen the rear-firing handle. Be sure to exit backward;
  9. Have a grasp of the space between the staples. Generally, there is one staple between 5mm to 10mm. Be more careful for the head, face, neck, hand back, and other exposed sites to ensure a good-looking incision appearance after the surgery;
  10. If there are excessive skin tissue defects, skin tension bullae may occur due to overlarge tension, so use this product with caution.

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